Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap. 2012 Hopes

One reason I started to blog was to remember what I did or where I was a year ago. I couldn't remember for the life of me what my years goals were and I went to look on my blog and BAM- there they were! I'm so glad I had them written down and now I can see if I've accomplished them.

2011 Bucket List
1. To finish off college with no C's. (I had all A's and B's this year!) - GO ME!
2. To get a job over the summer (I was a full time nanny to an adorable baby girl)
3. Travel outside the United States (I just recently went on a road trip with my cousin from Alaska through Canada back to Chicago!)
4. Go to Vegas- Not yet- but I'm keeping this on my list for 2012!
5. To student teach at a school (I like) in the NW suburbs (I got very lucky to be student teaching only 7 mies away!)
6. To stay true to who I am- I think someone can always keep working to improve themselves, therefore I'm not done with this one yet. :)
7. Visit my Grandpa again in Ohio -(we did visit my Grandpa on spring break thank goodness, but unfortunately he didn't make it to the holidays. :'( He passed away October 13th, 2011.)
8. Go on a Cruise- I'm keeping this on my 2012 bucket list as well.
9. Get a new phone - (goodbye old phone, hello iPhone!! I love it and could never go back to a 'regular' phone. I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone!)
10. And hopefully spend another holiday season with the boy :) -(I got to spend 4th of july with him again- does that count? lol. but unfortunately no I did not :( )
11. To be more confrontational when it's appropriate- This I can keep working on as well. It never hurts to try to be a better person.

My girlfriends and I on an ugly sweater train crawl! SO FUN!!

Without further to do my 2012 bucket list:
1. Go to Vegas (from my 2011 list)
2. To stay true to who I am (from my 2011 list)
3. Go on a Cruise (from my 2011 list)
4. Go back to our beach house
5. Find a job
6. Graduate :)
7. Read 10 books---this doesn't seem like a lot but I JUST started reading for enjoyment. I'm currently reading the Hunger Games trilogy! (SOOO GOOD!!)
8. Find an educational summer job
9. Continue taking sign language classes over the summer
10. Keep in touch with friends that matter and who have been there for me. (Some of my girlfriends have been not so nice lately and it upsets me.) I do however know that I have some friends that I don't have to talk to every single day and when we do talk it's right where we left off and I love that about some of my friends! :)

I hope everyone has a safe but fun new years! 

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