Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I just found this linky party over at This Kind of Love. She's so cute and such a good idea! I thought I would join in the fun and meet new bloggers! :)

I'm LOVING this wonderful Chicago weather! It has been nothing above 80 all week and looks like it continues to stay that way!

I'm LOVING The Hunger Games. It's so good and definitely a quick GREAT summer read. One of my professors actually recommended I read it, if I by any chance teach middle school. I guess a lot of middle schoolers are reading this trilogy and love it. I do TOO!

I'm LOVING my foster puppies. I don't want to give them back. 2 male smooth coat border collies.

I'm LOVING cold stone. End of story.

I'm LOVING all the new bloggers I'm meeting lately. 

I'm LOVING that in just 26 SHORT days, I will be on my way to PUNTA CANA!!!! I remember when the number was in the 3 digits!

I'm also LOVING that in just 181 days I start my student teaching! One less step to STARTING my dream job!

I found my NEW LOVE for food and party blogs. I just put together my first cook book. I wanted to try these for the 4th, but it came to quick. I love get togethers and a reason to cook, bake and eat good food!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful day...where ever you may be!


  1. i am a big fan of the hunger games - all 3 books are great and i can't wait to see the movie! happy wednesday

  2. I told your mum that those puppies will become yours!! her eyes twinkle when she talks about them!!
    they are so very cute!! I hope you keep them

  3. I have GOT to pick up the Hunger Games!! Everyone loves it! Have fun on vacation!! We have already returned from our beach paradise holiday, *sigh*

  4. My husband and I have recently decided that in the next few years, we want to be foster parents to animals :)

    And the Hunger Games ROCK!!