Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been Pinterest-ed

I caved. I am now "Pinning" on Pinterest, thanks to Anna over at A Day in The Life... For some reason, you need an 'invite' or request an invite from Pinterest or another person. Anna was kind enough to invite me over for the fun!

Whoever made this website up is an absolute genius! I always find so many awesome; recipes I want to try, ideas on organization I should implement, party ideas I want to show off and just cool random things I want to remember. This is a site where you can 'Pin' all your likes to one board. For instance, you can post all the recipes you like to one board, or all your style Pins to one board. You can also follow other people and see what are on their boards according to your interest. I can spend all day on this, because lucky me they have it on an iPhone app as well.

I also might Pin some things I see on fellow bloggers blog, but don't worry, once I Pin it and someone else wants to click on it, it gives the person credit, who originally posted it.

Pin It

COME JOIN THE FUN!! I promise you'll get addicted.

I'll be posting a lot of sweet new 'pins' I LOOK out!


  1. i know right! I was telling you mum about this site on Monday! i am totally addicted. I have to pin every night before I go to bed!!

  2. Invite me? I've been wanting to check this out!!