Monday, July 11, 2011

Manic Monday

Disclaimer: This entry has a lot of randomness. 
Today I had the day off, which was nice. I woke up however because I was sweating and it looked like a tornado outside. I came downstairs around 7 am, to see my Dad watching the storm. I stopped about an hour later. I went back to sleep in the basement until about 11 am. I looked outside and saw all the damage.
Our patio furniture all over the place and in the back a tree branch

Across the street from us a whole part of a tree fell.

And on the side of our house our huge bags of grass (that are waiting to get picked up from the garbage man) got blown over ALONG with a plastic pool that WAS in our backyard as of last night. It decided to take a little trip to the side of the house.

Anyways, my pup babies STILL have not gotten adopted and I'm so sad. If you want an amazing puppy and live in the northwest suburbs or near Chicago go to Animal House Shelter and click on Yuki or Zuzu. They are smooth coat boarder collies.
I miss my babies

On a different note, ever since I've seen so many great 4th of July parties, recipes and decorations, I have had the nitch to start or maybe host a Party of my own. I'm not sure what the purpose would be, but it just seems so fun. I've never hosted a 'good' party before, so I need suggestions. Today I bought a couple of books on Amazon. 
Parties that Wow: Setting the Stage for Creative Entertaining      and     Party Like a Rock Star: A Celebrity Party Planner's Tips and Tricks for Throwing an Unforgettable Bash

I got them used, so it only cost me 1 cent for a used copy. Shipping is what got it higher than 4$. To me, that's still a steal!

Time for the Bachelorette, but last thing. The Boys birthday is August 3rd. I'm going to be in Punta Cana that week, so I need a good present idea. He's turning 24!! Any suggestions???

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