Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rantings and Lovings

If you are not interested in my complaining then read on to things I'm loving instead.


I am so frustrated lately and honestly cannot wait to move out of my apartment and back home. I never thought I would say that. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living by myself in the city on my own, but when you have 2 other roommates that are either; a. never here or b. more sloppy than my dog, then I have a problem!

About 2 months ago, I bought a 26 roll pack of toilet paper, a 12 roll of paper towels and 2 tubes of clorox wipes. We still have the toilet paper I bought, but no one has bought another pack of paper towels or clorox wipes. So, when they spill, guess what they use? THE DISH TOWELS! and you'll never guess who uses their OWN 4 quarters to wash those dish towels when they get all gross and dirty? Yep, you are's ME!

Secondly, my roommate, Ms. "I'm-too-good-for everyone" does not do CRAP around here. Never has and probably never will. She will leave dishes on one side of the sink for (NOT KIDDING) 3 weeks. Today, I walked in our apartment, from a much needed manicure and it reeked! It smelled so bad. So, of course, I took the garbage out and the dishes were still on the side of the sink. The same dishes that were there 3 weeks ago. I was so sick of it, I put the dirty dishes in the dish washer AND they weren't even mine!!!

During all of this, I texted both of my roommates and asked either of them if they could stop by SOMETIME today and get some rolls of toilet paper and clorox wipes. Of course, neither of them said they had time today. Except the "cool" roommate did bring some back from the cafe she was at. Which only lasted me the counters and the stove top.

I also have 5 weeks of school left! That's so long. I still have 10 hours of observations to do, which I don't know when I'll be able to do it. I still got work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Me, My Sister and her roommate on her bday
My sister is coming home in a couple weeks from Spain! I know she is probably not excited but I am. Now, when I have no one to hang out with in the city, she can come visit me!
Us on Easter at his Grandma's

The Boy makes me happy! I see him probably every other weekend and sometimes two weeks in a row. He really is the best.
Me, B, and C (my roommate when I was at Western)
Things have changed over the past couple of years. With my changing colleges and whatnot, friends sometimes are with you or without you. I use to be able to say that one of my close girlfriends was my absolute best friend in the whole world. And while, I still consider 1 or 2 of them to be, The Boy, right now, hands down my best friend. It's nice to know that he enjoys seeing me and hanging out with me as much as I do. He's friends are amazing as well. I do wish some of my friends and I were still as close as we were in High School, but I'm hoping once we've all graduated and back in our home town, I think we will. YAY!

93 DAYS until Punta Cana! I seriously cannot wait! This is all I'm thinking about. The Boy told me I should workout with him everyday over the summer. Let me give you a little inside scoop....he is a buff guy, watches what he eats, works out everyday and works as an exercise therapist at a physical therapy office. So, needless to say, I'm hesitant about his offer. I already have a guy, so why should I feel the need to look good. I do, however, feel much better and healthier when I workout. So, I might take him up on that offer. Then, in 93 days, I can look good for all the 1,000,001 pictures I will be taking while in Punta Cana.
My sister, J and I
J is the friend that I'm going to Punta Cana with. She lives next door. I'm so excited to be going with her and her family. But, can't you tell that she's in amazing shape. She's a D2 pole vaulter. So, I gotta not look like a lump next to her. lol

Anyways, I cannot say enough GOOD things about the lady I nanny for. She is just awesome! She's like one of my new good friends. I work for her Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's. She even asked me if I wanted to continue nannying over the summer! So, I don't need to look for a summer job, which is amazing!!

I also LOVE that I am (hopefully) fostering again this summer! I absolutely loved it last summer. We got a new fence so there is NO way they can escape now and I love it!!

These were the puggles I fell in love with. I'm still convinced they were not puggles, but we can pretend they were.
I'll leave you with this adorable picture! That is all my ramblings for a Saturday. Back to cleaning, homework and making dinner!


  1. hey! i saw that you asked a question a while ago about the blogs you follow not showing up on your dashboard. well i am also having that problem and i was just wondering if you figured out how to fix it? it is making me sooooo mad! lol. if you could comment or respond to me in any way i would love to know what's going on.
    thanks! :)

  2. thanks! i will be sure to let you know if i find out anything! :)

  3. hey! i know i look kind of silly commenting on this for the third time, but mine just went back to normal. so maybe you should just wait it out? it seemed to work for me! hope everything works out! :)