Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Time....

....NOT mine, but of course the Royal Wedding. Now to be honest, when I heard they got engaged I could care less. But, as the weeks went on and that is the ONLY thing on TV these days, I couldn't help but be a little intrigued. I think Kate Middelton is absolutely gorgeous, now William on the other hand....ehhh, no comment, but they do look cute together, I'll say that.

It's 10:27 pm my time right now, meaning it's 2:30 am in London. Am I going to wake up my time @ 4 am and watch it? Prolly not, but I will DVR it and maybe, even possibly leave it on all night while I'm sleeping and just turn the volume down to level 1 or 2.

5 more weeks of classes. I can do this! UGH! I've been so busy, the only time I can read blogs (and I'm so glad that I can) is in class or at work.

I'm telling you, these teacher blogs that I keep finding are amazing. I seriously cannot wait to student teach!

Bedtime. To wake up in 5 hours or sleep in?! Hmmm....

ADELE is my new favorite artist! She is amazing!

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