Monday, March 07, 2011

Opportunity for teaching??

I just got this e-mail this morning:

Good morning Winter 2012 student teachers,
This Wednesday there will be a reception for the Winter 2011 student teachers.  One of the speakers at the reception is the Director of the HR Department in Aldine, Texas.  He would like student teachers to student teach in his school district so that he can hire student teachers for his school district after completing student teaching.  If you are interested, please come to the Student Center Room 120 A&B at 3:30 pm to speak with him.

Now, this has opportunity of a life-time written all over it. BUT, that would require me moving like 5 states away. AND since I would have to student teach there first, I would have no income, therefore, no place to live. I did some research on the town. It's right outside Houston, looks like an Independent School District with the 90% of the kids hispanic. This is where I'm kicking myself for not taking spanish at all. I did look at the website and it said they're not just looking for ESL/ELL teachers, so that's a plus. Now, if this was just one or two states away, I would highly consider it. If there is any teacher or soon-to-be teacher looking and willing to move, take a look at the district. 

Now, in a few years, if I'm desperate or just looking for a new change of pace, I will move ANYWHERE to find a good, STEADY job. If Aldine School Districts are still looking, I will definitely be on contact. 

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