Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coincidence? Japan

After the tragic events that happened over in Japan, I cannot even begin to fathom the terror, sorrow and heartache that they are all feeling right now. Every time I watch the news, or pick up a newspaper the Japan tragedy is the top story. My heart goes out to EVERYONE that has been hit by this tragedy. I recently read something about coincidence on the tragic events that happen in the 11th, what do you think?

September 11th- Horrific terror attacks
January 11th- Devastation in Haiti
March 11th- Tragedy struck in Japan

Should I be scared about bad things happening on the 11th? I sure hope not. Also, being from the midwest and particularly from Chicago, I found this picture from Kelly T.'s blog. She put's what Japan went through in perspective for us Chicagoans.

Isn't that crazy? As you can see it expands even North of Wilmette and into Northwest Indiana. For those of you not form Chicago, this is A HUGEEEE coverage of land. The purple blob in the middle is that of the damage from the Chicago Fire that happened in 1871.

I'm sending my thoughts, well-wishes and prayers over to Japan. 


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  2. Hi! I just found you on my happilly ever after and I wanted to congratulate you on your winning :) I have another date for you : it's also an 11th March, but 2004 - the day were the Madrid sub-urban train lines were attacked by terrorists, right during morning rush hour :S The 11th's must be hexed or something! Sabi @ Thought Bubble (