Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My run-in with a reality star

I'm on spring break this week and let me tell you, I definitely needed a break! I went to Cleveland to visit my Grandparents with my Mom for a few days. We flew this time because it would be faster getting there and we were sick of driving from Chicago to Cleveland every few months.

Anyways, Sunday morning we get to O'Hare Airport and I sit down by the gate while my Mom goes to get coffee. Sitting across from me are these two heavier set people; 1 female and 1 male. The woman was probably over 50, she had short beach blonde hair, with tattoos all over her arms and back with a bottom lip piercing right in the middle. The man looked younger than her, probably mid 30's, with tattoos and very tall.

About 5 minutes after I sat down, this guy behind me turns around and says to the 2 people sitting across from me, "I'm sorry to bother you guys, but I just have to tell you what a huge fan I am of your show. I just love it!" This is when my ears perked up. The woman replied, "Oh...Thanks so much! We really have fun taping as a family. We're actually starting to tape season 2 in a couple weeks. We're trying to work with the network to switch our shows to Wednesday night, so we'll see how that goes." The guys sitting behind me said,"That's awesome. I definitely can't wait to watch season 2. My favorite episode is the one where you guys all go jet skiing", I can assume the 2 were brother and sister. The duo and the man sitting behind me exchanged some more words that I couldn't really pick out. The only other bit of information that helped me with my google search was that the woman said she and her brother were going to a car show in Cleveland. Yup, I even google-ed 'guest appearances at Cleveland car show March 2011'.... NOTTA

As I sit, pretending to read a magazine, I listen and occasionally stare at this bro/sis duo. I get on my new and wonderful iPhone (before we boarded) and start google-ing different things. I typed about 10 different sentences along the lines of 'Family reality show, jet skii episode' nothing. I gave my Mom the insider and she went on her iPhone to try looking as well. She got nothing either. 


Now, being a reality TV junkie (to put it lightly), I am obviously so mad at myself that I had absolutely NO idea who these people were. To make it worse, when we got off the plane in Cleveland, these 2 girls who looked a little older than me, were whispering and giggling, while I wait for my Mom. I sat our stuff down and the 'TV dude' was across from me again. The girls were next to me, as I wait. They go over to him and in a soft voice say, "Hi, we don't want to make a big scene, but we love your show can we take a picture with you?", of course he said yes and they started chatting away right when my Mom and I were leaving. UGH!

Can you sense my frustration? Especially, because of ALL people who LOVE reality TV, I shoulda been one of those girls going up to him asking for a picture. But how could I if I don't even know who he is or what show he has?

"Hi. I don't know you, but kinda wish I did. Hmmm...what TV show are you on? I watch every reality show there is too watch and you just don't look familiar, so can I just get a picture with you so when I do find out who you are I can tell people I met someone I had no idea existed?"

No, I didn't say that....but I kinda wish I did.


  1. Though I never watch reality shows I think I would have felt similar...totally frustrated at being completely clueless as to who these famous people were! Sorry you didn't get your picture with them...

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  3. Oooh -- wonder who they are?! I am a reality TV junkie too and nothing you mentioned about them rings a bell!?!
    Love your blog!
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  4. I wish someone could help figure out who these guys were????? Anyone else have any ideas?