Saturday, February 09, 2013


To stay this time...I promise! (bullet points is a must when so much as gone by since my last post!)

  • I'm all moved in---although my room is still unorganized. But, I am one happy girl.

  • The Boy came in last Thursday (the 31st) to surprise me on my birthday and he stayed the WHOLE weekend!! 

  • I turned 24. Nothing TOO exciting there.

  • School has been...hmm... a lot of work. I had my last announced observation last week. It went well. One of my students has been off the chain this past week and it caused me so much stress and anxiety because he usually is a phenomenal kid. I'm also majorly stressing about what I'm going to do next year (more to come on that later).
  • We celebrated the 100th day of school!!
Classic answers from a 7 year old:
100 years from now I will be 107 years old. I hope some day that I will own 100 babies and 100 grandmas. I never wish to own 100 sharks or 100 moms. 100 years from now I hope to be a dad.
  • I started running and exercising again and I feel 100x better about myself and my mood in general. I love it!! Mrs. D and I, along with many other coworkers are running in the color run in Nashville in March. I'm so excited. Fun runs are the best kind of runs!!
  • I've also started a 'clean' eating streak. I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart today and it took every ounce in my body to NOT buy ice cream. It's my weakness, but I did not buy ANY!!!
  • I still have not finished my latest book. It's driving me crazy because I'm at such a good part and every time I sit down to read, something else comes up. Ugh! I will finish it soon though!!

  • Having dogs around literally makes me happier no matter what type of mood I'm in. LOVE THEM!!!

  • Living with someone is so much more enjoyable. I know some people prefer to live alone, but I prefer to live with someone! 
The flowers The Boy got me for my birthday in their final days.
  • I'm excited that I'm back reading my favorite blogs again. I feel whole again! :) 
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this Saturday night as much as I am. I have my pajamas on, wine in my hand, reading blogs as DVR-ed shows are playing in the background! I'm a happy girl today because I am BACK!! :)


  1. those answers from your student are hysterical!

  2. I've missed my bloggy friend! We both hit slumps! Yay for having moving done and boyfriend being there! Happy belated birthday!!