Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Windy City

I lived in the actual city of Chicago for exactly a year. I went to school full time and it was much easier living close to campus then from my home in the suburbs. Chicago is nicknamed The Windy City and today, I definitely knew why. As I was on the train back home to the suburbs, I was thinking of how many things I miss about living in the city, as well as how many things I DON'T miss.

Things I Miss about Chicago:
-Being able to walk to any local attraction the city has to offer
-The easy access to public transportation
-There is always something to do on the weekends
-The numerous places for frozen yogurt
-Shopping on Michigan Ave.
-The friends that still live down there
-The lakefront
-Great food right down the street

Things I Don't Miss about living in the City:
-The el or buses running late
-The constant noises from the fire trucks and ambulance
-Roommates never cleaning up
-The windy and freezing walks to class everyday
-The unpredictable crimes that happen so close to where you live
-Having to commute over 45 minutes just to see family, friends, and the boy
-The crowds everywhere; LP zoo, Michigan Ave, restaurants
-Having to wait over 45 minutes to be seated at a decent restaurant
-Paying twice as much for everything: clothes, food, rent, etc.

The Boy and I doing a Segway Tour on the lakefron
(I highly recommend it, if you're ever in Chicago)

I think it's safe to say that I'm glad I moved back home. However, I do not regret living in the city for a year. I learned a lot. If I didn't live down there then, I probably would have liked to live down there sometime. I'm glad I did it when I did. I love the city and would consider myself a city girl, but I prefer to live in the suburbs.

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