Sunday, October 02, 2011

He did WHAT?!?!

The other night I was upstairs working on a paper that was due in a few days. It was only me in the house with our new puppy....Tio.

He is about 6 months old, so gets into everything and anything. That night I had him in my room with me when I was working on my paper. I gave him a new bone so I thought he would be occupied for a few minutes. Well, 5 minutes later he jumped down from my bed, with his bone in his mouth. I let him out of my room because I figured he would just be chewing it downstairs by the dining room table, where he loves to chew his toys. 

About an hour goes by and I don't hear him. You know it's a bad sign when a puppy or child is quiet. So, I go downstairs and he is chewing an EMPTY advil bottle. I freak out, yell at him and google the emergency vet office to seek help! The bottle is completely empty and the cap is no where to be found---so I assume he just ate the cap off of it. The vet office tells me to give him 1 tblsp of hydrogen peroxide and he should throw up within a half hour. If he doesn't, give him one more tblsp and wait again. The vet lady also told me that I should call the poison control for animals to see what they suggest I do. She gives me the number and as I'm saying bye and about to hang up, she says, "Oh and by the way, they will charge you $60 for the consultation (if you even call it that), so have your credit card ready." I was so mad. I love my dog, but I am not about to pay $60 for an answer that I can get on google....ya know?

So, I give him one tblsp of hydrogen peroxide and he never threw up. This whole time I'm trying to contact my Dad to tell him to get home because he had the only car we have and in case Tio needed to go to the vet emergency room we would have a way to get there. 

I call him 3 times, my Mom was teaching, but she was also trying to call him. Finally, after 15 mins. my Mom calls me back and says, "Kristen, Dad through the empty advil bottle in the downstairs garbage and the cap he threw away in a different garbage bin---so everything is fine and Tio didn't eat any advil!" 

A huge sigh of relief came over me. Everything ended up being fine because Tio didn't have any advil or the cap for that matter. I still don't understand why my Dad threw away an empty advil bottle in TWO different places....but that's just my Dad for you. My poor dog licked all the hydrogen peroxide right off the spoon, but never threw up. 

Still love my puppy!!

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  1. oh no, what a scare!
    Actually, she should have told you for your size dog about a 1/3 cup! it needs to foam up and that is what makes them throw up.
    I had to give my dog hydrogen peroxide, she ate aleve. Which is just as bad as advil. It is very poisonous, they would have told you to go straight to the emergency vet for charcoal treatment.
    It shuts down their kidneys and is very very bad!! SO HAPPY Tio didn't eat any advil.