Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finals, thanksgiving and moving???

I HATE finals week. Thankfully, I only have 3 finals left next week and then its Turkey day! Probably, one of my favorite holidays! I cannot wait. With the end of this quarter ending so quickly, I'm realizing how close I am to the real world. I'm terrified, yet so excited!

                                                   (thanksgiving 2009- L to R, my sister, my grandma and me)

In my personal health class last night, we were talking about the differences in health insurance plans; such as a HMO and PPO, and oh-my-goodness, I have no idea how I'm going to choose when the time comes I finally get a big-girl job. I texted my mom about which plan we have. She reassured me that she would help me choose a plan that would be right for me when the time comes.

So, because I have been thinking about how close I am to student teaching and graduation (it's about time), I've been thinking a lot about my future classroom and what type of teacher I'll be. This quarter, I've been an after school math tutor for a group of 2nd graders, in an inner-city school. I loved every minute of it! Every time I go into their classroom, I can't help but look around and see everything that I would do with the classroom, if that was my space. Ahhh, I can't wait.

All this future talk has got me (of course) thinking about the future in general. I got my roommate obsessed with House Hunters as well. We were talking about the pros and cons of moving to a different state or city. This is the list we came up with:

*Moving away from friends and family
*Not knowing anyone when you move
*Not know the area or schools
*Moving expenses
*No help
*Cost of living might be to expensive

*Cheaper cost of living                                          
*More house for your buck (in certain areas)         
*You can start over (if you wanted too)                 
*Better weather                                                       
*New or better paying jobs                                    
*More things to do                                                

I'm sure the lists can go on. I'm still not sure if I would ever move out of the Chicago-land area, but I'm definitely not 100% against it.

I was looking on real estate website and I came across this link: Homes across the US, for under $100,000.

It amazes me how much more house you get in different areas. Some of these houses are gorgeous. This house is in Detroit, MI; with 3,800 sq. ft. for $89,000. (ABOVE)

This house is in Cleveland, OH; at $89,900 with 1,170 sq. ft. This house is such a cute little bungalow.

Ok, I should probably go study now for my finals. I'll post another blog later about other things I say dream about! :)

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