Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: What are your Christmas/Holiday traditions-

For Thanksgiving my family (of 4) usually goes to my aunt and uncle's house for the big feast. I'm always amazed at how much dinner I eat and (somehow) I still manage to gobble down plenty of dessert! Dessert's my favorite of it's only right.
It'll be my first holiday in 11 years without my best friend :( ---L-to-R; Bear, my aunts german shepard and Buddy, my baby boy!!!!)

As for Christmas, it's my families turn. We have lots of friends and family over for Christmas Eve food, desserts and presents! My dad always makes a shrimp jambalaya for every Christmas Eve. The last party go-er's usually always leave around 11 pm, when 'santa' has to do his job.

Christmas morning, my whole family wakes up and opens stockings. We then eat breakfast, make coffee and such. My sister and I are usually the first one's down by the tree ready to open presents; even though we're already 20 and 21 years old. lol.
Christmas 2009. My fam! My Mom, me, my sister, Dad and my baby, buddy!

After all the presents are open, we head to my aunt and uncle's house for a christmas #2 (basically). We open presents, eat snacks and finally eat christmas dinner and dessert once again. Christmas dinner's are alway's bittersweet for me because I love the Holiday's and Christmas dinner is like the last 'hooray' of good holiday dinner's and dessert's and family time!

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