Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog?

So I've been debating over the past week whether or not to start blogging. I read some 'advice' online about writing blogs, how to maintain them and where to start. However, the majority of the advice I read said that I should write about something I'm passionate about and stick with it. Well, I'm passionate about many things, not just one! Therefore, I'm going to look at this new blogging experience as a place to put my thoughts, stories, opinions, experiences and even future hopes and dreams of mine as I get older.

The one question I get asked the most during interviews are, "If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?" This is the simplest and shortest way that I can tell you a little bit about myself without boring you. I often have a hard time picking JUST three, but I usually say, "Funny, kind and motivated." I also sometimes say, organized, honest, passionate and loyal, among others. This is me in a nut shell. I hope by blogging I can share with you my passions and hobbies, in hopes of learning more about you too. 

So as I start this new hobby of mine, feel free to post comments or advice for me! I look forward to reading them and commenting on yours as well!! 


  1. Great start to your blog! I think you'll enjoy it and I know I'll be checking back to see what you're blogging about! Have fun!

  2. Hi Kristen, i'M Just learning how to do this - - again!