Monday, October 25, 2010

day dreaming...i mean math class

I wish all of these three rooms were in my future house. I LOVE the openenss of the lofted bedroom. The kitchen is modern, yet homey. I love that! And of course the family room has a gorgeous view and seems so open. I love the open layout concept. Makes the home feel so much bigger and everyone can interact with everyone. Oh, how I love to day dream and wish about these things while in class. This is a perk of having the internet on my computer in the math lab! :)

These pictures are a result of bordem in math class. I'm learning probability of flipping coins. I've done this since I was in 4th grade...I'm now a senior in college. Please tell me why my professor insists on repeating things 7 times in a voice like his directing traffic on a highway. UGH!!! GET ME OUTTTTA HERE EARLY PLEASEEE!!!
 I love everything about this kitchen!
  I love the openess feel of this bedroom. I could proabably only sleep in here though until I get annoyed from not having any privacy. :/ the views of this room are GORGEOUS!!

ps. Does anyone have a Kindle? I would like reviews on it pleaseee!!! :)


  1. Great photos! Let's build that kitchen. I could get used to that one! BTW -- day-dreaming in math?!?!?!? Get back to work!!! (LOL)

  2. woohoo...look who i found :) im so glad you made one!!

  3. Very nice!!! I am following you back:) Have a great weekend.