Friday, June 10, 2011

yayy- A summer blog challenge!

I'm going in on a summer blog challenge. I've been waiting for a great one to come along and Jen at Following the Footsteps has created a fun one. I'm super excited! Head on over to join.

Today is Day #1: It's all about you (aka ME!!!)

Well let's see...where should I start? I'm 22 and finishing up my undergrad in elementary education. I student teach starting January 3rd, 2012---207 days left (not that I'm counting or anything). I currently live in the city because of school and I LOVE it...other than my roommate issues.

I love to eat and recently started cooking new things. I read a lot of great food blogs that get my mind thinking. 

I also love to hang out with my boyfriend, friends and yes... even my family!

I love, love, LOVE animals...especially dogs. I also fantasize about my future and all the possibilities that are out there. You can frequently catch me on various housing, wedding, teacher, cooking and fmaily blogs. I also watch HGTV religiously every night from 10 pm -11 pm. I wish I could be on property virgins or house hunters!

That's a little about me. Can't wait to meet new bloggers!!

Daily Topics

June 10-Day 1:  All About YOU!! (Let's kick off this challenge by getting to "know" each other!!)
June 11-Day 2:  Summer....Do you LOVE it or HATE it?
June 12-Day 3:  What do you think of when you hear the word Summer?
June 13-Day 4:  Summer Goals
June 14-Day 5:  Summer Vacation (Past or Present)
June 15-Day 6:  Lemonade Stand
June 16-Day 7:  Favorite Summer memory
June 17-Day 8:  Summer TV
June 18-Day 9:  Childhood Swimming Memory
June 19-Day 10: Summer MUST Haves
June 20-Day 11: Refreshing Beverage
June 21-Day 12: How do you BEAT the HEAT?
June 22-Day 13: Summer Craft
June 23-Day 14: Summer recipe
June 24-Day 15: Summer Blockbuster
June 25-Day 16: Road Trips 
June 26-Day 17: Summer Camp
June 27-Day 18: Summer Fashion
June 28-Day 19: Summer Reading
June 29-Day 20: Summer Outings
June 30-Day 21: Independence Day

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