Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pregnancy Essentials

My baby girl is 8 weeks already! Where has the time gone?

I wanted to write down things that helped me throughout my pregnancy. Luckily, I had a very easy, stress-free pregnancy...even the first trimester was a breeze; no morning sickness, no nausea, no nothing.

But, of course, there were things that helped me feel more "comfortable" during pregnancy, so I thought I'd share.

  • Water and Belvita bars. Before I ever got pregnant, I had stomach issues. I'd have to eat throughout the day, like every 2 or 3 hours I had to eat a little something. Most of the time, it was a banana or apple or sometimes, even a bag of chips. Now, when I became pregnant, it intensified. I literally had to eat almost every hour or two. This became a problem during the school year because us teachers only get so many "breaks". So, I bought a whole Costco size box of Belvita bars and a extra large water tumbler to keep in my classroom. It saved me! All I needed was a little something in my belly, to hold me over until lunch time.
  • Pregnancy pants. Get a pair of either maternity yoga pants or maternity jeans. I got mine from Stitch Fix and I love them! I even wore them the first few days after delivery. Yes, they're expensive, but they're so worth it!
  • Pregnancy pillow. I have this one  and it was so nice to have when I was 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant. Once I started to have a belly, it was hard to toss and turn to get comfortable at night. I would just lay my belly on this pillow and it elevated the weight of my belly.
  • Belly Butter. I never got any stretch marks during my pregnancy, but my belly was always itchy. I loved this belly butter by Burt's Bees. 

What helped you during pregnancy?

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