Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's a...GIRL!

She's here!

Our little Addison made her grand entrance ten days early on July 16th, 2017 at 5:44 pm. We couldn't be more blessed. I'm going to try to retell my birth story while it's still semi-fresh in my head. I wanted to do it right after she was born, but you at home with a newborn is anything but "down time". Now that she's 4-weeks and I she's a bit more predictable, I want to write it down.
In labor... 

It all started on Saturday, July 15th. I was 38 weeks pregnant. Mike woke up bright and early and was at work by his 7 am shift. I woke up around 8 to feed the dogs. When I got up, my water broke; or so I thought. Side note: when I was 32 weeks pregnant, my doctor told me I had "excess amniotic fluid" so I had to be monitored every week to make sure everything was ok. So, my doctor told me that if my water ever broke, that I shouldn't wait for my contractions at home and that I should go straight to the hospital. This was to prevent anything bad that COULD happen. Luckily, nothing 'bad' happened.
...still in labor

Anyways, I got to the hospital and the doctor checked me and said, "you're still only 1 cm and I still feel a sack of water. Are you sure your water broke at home?" which to I responded, "well I know it's not urine and I had to put all my sheets in the wash, so I think so". He ended up breaking 'the rest of my water bag' and that's officially when my labor started.
Holding her for the first time!

So, after walking the hallways, starting IVs and pitocin, I still wasn't making progress on my own. So, they upped my pitocin and gave me an epidural. I got my epidural Saturday night. My labor technically started on Saturday around 10 am, when the doctor broke my water. On Sunday around 2 pm, I started pushing. Too many hours later, at 5:44 pm, Addison was born! We didn't know the sex of our baby, so this was so so exciting!

Our beautiful family of 3!

We love you to the moon and beyond. We now can't even imagine life before you were born...other than we faintly remember what it's like to sleep through the night :) Love you baby girl!!